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European Exchanges

DMU offers its' students the opportunity to spend time studying abroad in one of our partner European universities. The Erasmus  scheme provides you with an EU-funded grant for the during of your study abroad year and you won't pay any tuition fees for the additional year of studies. 

Who can go?

All undergraduate students are eligible to study abroad with Erasmus. Find out which formal agreements are in place within your study area by contacting the International Office or the Erasmus Coordinator for your faculty.

To be eligible for the Erasmus you must have completed their first year of study at DMU, so normally you'll study abroad in your second or third year. Depending on your chosen partner university, you could spend up to 12 months studying in Europe.

Why should I go?

Students who have completed the Erasmus exchange scheme tell us it’s an experience of a lifetime.

  • Stand out in the job market
  • No fees to pay to your host institution or DMU if you go for 12 months
  • Simple application procedure
  • Opportunity to learn a new language
  • Travel opportunities throughout Europe
  • Academic credits for your study abroad
  • Some students are even awarded a double degree from DMU and their host institution when they graduate

International Exchanges

DMU has a number of study abroad programmes that are available for incoming international students.

The study abroad programme allows students to come to DMU for a semester or a year. Choosing a study abroad programme gives you the opportunity to experience another culture in a different environment.

You can choose to study half a year or one full undergraduate academic year at DMU and gain credits which can be transferred back to your home university. Studying at DMU will give you the opportunity to gain an understanding of British culture and improve your English language skills, equipping you with the skills for your future career or helping you prepare for future postgraduate study in the UK.

Read more information about the study abroad programme|.

Science without Borders students can find a list of courses included in the scheme on our Brazil country information page|.

How to apply

Please complete the international application form| and send completed documents to|.



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