Starting university

There is a lot to do in the time between your student being accepted at university and taking up their place. This section looks at what happens during this transitional period, whether they have decided to move away or stay at home.

Once your student has accepted their place at university they will receive a welcome pack containing their enrolment details as well as a guide to accommodation|. If your student has decided to move away to university they will need to complete and return their housing application as soon as possible to avoid disappointment.

Home or away?

Deciding whether to stay at home or move away to university is a difficult choice and is determined by a number of factors personal to each student’s circumstances.

Their choice will change the dynamics of your relationship; going to university is one of the first adult decisions your student will have to make and as such they will expect to be treated as an independent adult.

During this time, it can be difficult to know exactly how involved they want you to be during their time at university.

Some students may relish their new sense of freedom and will ring home occasionally to check-in, others may want to come home every weekend, even if just to have their washing done. What is important is to reassure them that you are there for them as little or as much as they need.

Increasingly students are choosing to stay at home as the cost of attending university rises. While it has traditionally been said that students should move away to get the most from the university experience, those students who live at home enjoy and benefit from the student lifestyle just as much. It is important to note that even if your student stays at home to study, your relationship may change.

For many of those students who do move away, this will be the first time that they have been apart from their families for a prolonged period. Adjusting to this new way of life is not always easy  and students should allow themselves time to settle into their new surroundings.

De Montfort University has a range of halls of residence| to choose from, catering for students with varying needs and budgets. Visit our accommodation| pages to find out more about room types and prices.

Tips for parents/carers of students staying at home


  • If your student continues to live at home, sit down and have a discussion about rules and boundaries now they are at university. As they are now an adult, they may wish to adopt more adult roles and behaviours. At the same time it’s important for them to respect your wishes while they are living under your roof.
  • The first term of university can be exciting and stressful at the same time. Encourage your student to get the most out of their first term by making use of the full range of support services.
  • As your student adjusts to the increased workload they now face, be sure to provide them with the necessary time and space to complete their work.

Tips for parents/carers of students moving away


  • In the first few days, allowing your student to settle in with little or no contact is a good way of helping them come to terms with their new-found independence.
  • It’s important, particularly in the first term, that you encourage them to discuss any problems or concerns they have as this is the time that they are more likely to be homesick or have feelings of doubt. If they feel uncomfortable talking to you or other family members you can point them in the direction of the university’s student services team.


General hints and tips


  • With so much going on in and around campus it’s easy for students to get distracted and let their studies take a back seat. Sharing useful ways of how you manage your workload is not only beneficial for them but a great way for you to become more involved.
  • Taking an active interest in your student’s course shows that you’ve taken an interest in them and also means you will understand them when they talk about their studies. If you are unsure as to what their course involves you can always visit the university’s website and do a course search or you could visit the UCAS website which offers a full list of HE courses in the country.
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