Data protection

Under the Data Protection Act 1998 we have a legal obligation to protect the information we hold. This applies to information such as:

  • any applications for financial support such as the Access to Learning Fund
  • housing applications and other housing related issues
  • disability and disability support issues.

The university is keen to support its students and regularly receives enquiries from parents, carers, guardians and relatives regarding issues such as those above.

The university’s relationship though is with the student (or applicant) and we therefore cannot release information to parents or any other third parties unless prior permission is provided, usually in writing, from the student first.

This is a major difference from the relationship you may have had previously with schools and colleges, however it is a reflection of the transition your son/daughter is going through in to being an adult and the rights and responsibilities that come with it.

On application to the university and in enrolment we inform students that we will protect their data. What we can tell you as a parent/carer/guardian is general information regarding the support we offer to our students but as stated above we cannot discuss details of individual cases. 

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