Applying to university

This section will provide you with information on what the benefits of attending university are, the various university, course and qualification options and how the application process works.

Benefits of attending university

Attending university can help your student develop many transferable and subject specific skills as well as opening up opportunities they would not otherwise have been able to access. Here are some of the advantages of higher education: 

Developing skills and relevant career knowledge

  • Employers look at your skills as well as your qualifications - employers are not just interested in qualifications, but in the skills you have gained along the way, such as a capacity to learn, organisational expertise, interpersonal skills, independence, self-motivation and communication abilities. These are all qualities that your student will develop and hone at university and which will prove vital for them in the world of work.
  • We have more than 400 courses at De Montfort University - a specific higher education qualification is necessary for some careers. Earning a degree can help students develop their career specific subject knowledge, give them a greater career choice, greater job flexibility and the opportunity to earn a higher salary.

Improved career prospects

  • Graduates are less likely to be unemployed than non-graduates.
  • Graduates earn more over their lifetime than non-graduates.
  • A degree and the skills that a student will develop while studying on their course could be vital in helping them climb the career ladder and take advantage of opportunities for promotion.

Experiencing university life

  • Independent learning
  • Meeting new people from different cultures and backgrounds
  • Personal freedom
  • Self-motivation
  • Meeting new challenges
  • Balancing study and social life
  • Self-discipline
  • Developing self-confidence


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