Research in the School of Arts

The School of Arts encompasses research into dance, drama, and fine art practices.

The overall quality of research and our commitment to offering high-quality research-led teaching to all of our students has been formally acknowledged as ‘internationally recognised’ and in many cases, ‘world leading’.

The  Research Assessment Exercise (RAE 2008) is a prestigious government exercise which expertly assesses the quality and calibre of the research produced by Higher Education Institutions in the UK in all the main subject areas.

Dance and Drama was judged to have 80% of its activities as international in profile, with 20% of that in the world-leading bracket. Of particular note is the excellent record of research degree completions and publications by research students.

Research in Fine Art is an innovative progressive activity. All staff within the team are practising artists with high levels of expertise. Researchers have work collaboratively with multi disciplinary research activity locally, nationally and internationally. This is reflected in the range of external activity and continued success in exhibitions, forums, symposiums, festivals, residencies, publications, books and journal entries.

Key learning and developmental activity is applied and contributes significantly to the teaching and learning of students at undergraduate, postgraduate and research level, keeping the programme at the cutting edge.

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