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DMU Coaching can give you the confidence and motivation to meet the demands of university life. It is part of DMU’s commitment to helping you maximise your potential.

DMU Coaching is a dedicated service for students keen to develop and sustain the skills and mindset required to succeed.


Coaching is about achieving what you want to achieve and the decisions that help get you there. Coaching helps to set and achieve goals, to build strengths and resilience, to solve problems, plan action and improve decision making. The focus of coaching can be on performance or personal development.

When a person experiences being coached, their motivation comes from working with a coach who is him/herself an upbeat, positive role model. In this way coaching is a unique way of developing people.

DMU Coaching aims to give you the opportunity throughout your time at DMU to be the best that you can be, and is just as relevant to students at both the start and end of their university careers.

Performance coaching:

Academic: problem-solving, workload & time-management, stress management

Maybe you have a specific goal in mind? A presentation, a piece of group work or an exam? 1-2-1 coaching enables you to practice and fine-tune key skills

Employability: public speaking, presentations, interview confidence, working with others

Take the opportunity to test your confidence, so when a challenge like an interview comes round you know you are well prepared

Personal development:

Life skills: confidence building, assertiveness, relationships, lifestyle

confidence building, assertiveness, relationships, lifestyle

Do you want to handle life differently? Or need a new direction? Perhaps you know what you want to achieve and would like to learn skills which will help you get there. Coaching provides a chance to self-reflect and self-examine.

Coaching or counselling?

Although there are some similarities between coaching and counselling there are also some big differences. For example, coaching is not past-orientated and does not deal with issues like depression, anxiety or trauma. Rather coaching is about the present and future, helping to clarify goals, maximise strengths, solve problems, plan action and improve decision making. However, there is no hard-and-fast-rule about who coaching is and is not suitable for. If you know you want to talk to someone, but are unsure which service is right for you then let us know. We can support you to make the best decision. As with counselling, coaching is a confidential service. Our page on confidentiality contains more detailed information.

Contact and appointments

Click here for details on how to apply for coaching and to get in touch

Service eligibility and access

Our normal offer is up to 6 appointments and 1 or 2 episodes of counselling or coaching during your time at university. Any offers made above that are at the professional discretion of the coaching team/team leader. Normally appointments are the same time each week, but alternative arrangements could be possible through discussion with your coach. The Coaching Team are committed to working in partnership with students. By applying to the service you are however agreeing to abide by the professional judgement of the coaches. This may in a small number of instances mean that it is deemed not appropriate to offer you a service, or to offer you a smaller number of sessions than you request. If another service is more appropriate to your needs, you will be signposted to alternative provision.

Your responsibilities as a student

If you miss an appointment, it is important to contact the service within 48 hours. If we do not hear from you, we will assume that you no longer want appointments. You can, however, request coaching again in the future. It is likely that we will get in contact with you a few weeks after coaching has ended and ask if you are willing to complete an evaluation survey. If you have any access needs please let us know.

Further support

DMU Coaching is only one of many services geared towards your personal and academic development. For further information follow the links below:

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