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Exam Arrangements

The University's Examinations Office organises formal, written exams at De Montfort University.

The Examinations Office pages give details of what the team does and how to contact them. The pages also include information for students who have a short-term condition, not a disability or long-term condition.

Individual examination arrangements may be made for disabled students who cannot sit an exam under standard conditions. Individual examination arrangements may include:

  • Extra time
  • Use of a reader
  • Use of a scribe (sometimes called a 'writer' or 'amanuensis')
  • Use of a computer

This is not a complete list, but is an indication of support that may be available.
Many disabled students have a formal recommendation from a suitably qualified professional for individual exam arrangements, and may have had these arrangements previously at school or college. Students must make a formal request to the Examinations Office for individual exam arrangements as they are not arranged automatically at the University. There are deadlines for requests.

What students must do before the deadline?

  • Read the information provided by the Exams Office and follow their instructions
  • Book a Quick Query appointment with Disability Advice and Support (DAS) to discuss and confirm individual exam arrangements.

Students must provide medical evidence or a psychologist assessment report for formal exams. The method of assessment for each module can be found in the module handbook.

How does DAS support the Examinations Office?

The team liaises with the Examinations Office to confirm a student's individual examination arrangement.
The Faculty Disability Officer (FDO) will inform course teams of the support
recommendations, including those for in-class or phase tests.


Exam Arrangements
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