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Visit DMUhub's Managers' FAQs here.




Here are the most commonly asked questions about managers' tiles in DMUhub.

For general questions about all the other (non-managers') tiles please visit Frequently Asked Questions.

- Approve Expenses

- Approve Leave Requests

- Approve Appraisals

- My Reporting


If you can't see the answer to your question please drop us an email.

Approve Expenses
Question       Answer
How do I know if I'm approving as a Level 1 or Level 2 approver? In the header of the approve request you will see: 'Level 1 – Please approve' or 'Level 2 – Please approve'.
My team’s expenses aren’t coming to me

Please raise a query with the HR Partner for your faculty/directorate.

I've been asked to approve my own expense

Expense reports are subject to a two-step approval process:


Level 1: Line Manager / RIO for academic research projects. At this stage the approver is reviewing the expenses and agreeing the expense has been incurred as part of the requestee’s job and meets the DMU expense policy.


Level 2: Budget Approver (cost centre) / Responsible Person (WBS)At this stage the approver is agreeing that the cost can be charged to the indicated cost centre / WBS project for which they are responsible.


In some cases you may be asked to approve your own expense. You may only approve your own expense in the capacity of a level 2 approver (budget approver/responsible person).

What if someone in my team submits an expense with the wrong cost centre?

Always check that the expense has been assigned to the correct cost centre, and do not approve if this isn’t the case. If you do accidentally approve before realising that the cost centre is incorrect, speak to your Finance Admin team. See the DMUhub training manual for further information.


Approve Leave Requests
Question  Answer
What team do you see for annual leave approval? The team that reports to you structurally. For clarity take a look at your hierarchy on the Employee Lookup tile.
What are the rules around holiday and authorising first come, first
This is at the manager’s discretion. As a manager we expect you to understand the workload in your department and to treat your colleagues fairly. 
I'm going on holiday; who will approve my team’s leave requests in my absence?

If you’re going to be on leave or away from DMU for more than three weeks please contact ITMS Service Desk on ext. 6050 and they will escalate your approval tasks to the next reporting line.


Please let your line manager know in advance so they expect to see your approvals coming through.

What if I can’t see my direct report’s leave request after they have
submitted it?
Please raise this with the ITMS Service Desk (ext. 6050)
One of my line reports would like to do some work for their Union and we
have agreed on an arrangement. How do they request this – it’s not one of the
drop-down options?
Please speak to your HR Partner for advice on Union time.


Approve Appraisals
Question Answer 
Who can use the Approve Appraisals tile? All line managers with employees on the single pay spine/non-MAX contracts.
Will appraisal approver notifications be part of the daily email alerts received by managers? No, there is a separate notification for Appraisals.
What if I can’t see my direct report’s appraisal after they have submitted it? Please try refreshing your screen. If this has not worked please contact ITMS service desk on 6050.


My Reporting
Question Answer 
What can I use the reports for? As a manager you would use these reports to help you prepare leaver forms or SRG requests to extend a contract, make someone permanent etc. You can stay on top of this without having to rely on reminders
from HR.
Will there be any more reports added? Yes! We hope to add other useful reports to this list over the coming months.


My SRG Requests - COMING SOON!
 Question Answer


Approve SRG Requests - COMING SOON!
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