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Research activity in the School is very broad, from production and analysis in video, film, television, audio, music, radio, journalism, and Internet through to cutting-edge engineering research in the creation of media technologies and their applications. This spectrum helps to ensure that media practitioners are aware of the latest technological developments, and that design engineers are aware of the needs and trends amongst practitioners. 

Production facilities include a music recording studio complex featuring an SSL control room, green rooms for video production, Avid and Pro Tools editing classrooms, an infra-red tracking space, and an extensive and varied store room of portable media equipment.


Research Groups

Cinema and Television History Centre
The Cinema and Television History (CATH) Research Centre is the natural extension of a momentum that has been building over the last decade. Although work on these British media constitutes the core activity of the CATH Research Centre, it also embraces the wealth of high quality research that is being done on, for example, European cinema and Hollywood history.

Imaging and Displays Research Group (IDRG) 
A group of multidisciplinary academics with an international reputation for excellence in the design, development and evaluation of next-generation 3D displays and holography for consumer and industrial use.

Institute of Creative Technologies IOCT
The Institute of Creative Technologies (IOCT) is a unique research institute which sits at the intersection of science and technology, the arts and humanities. The IOCT functions as a cross-institutional hub for research across many of the University’s disciplines. IOCT Research focuses upon three areas Computing, Interactive Arts and Media and Networks and Collaboration

Interactive and Media Technologies Research Group
A multidisciplinary group of academics creating a unique research environment where, for example, researchers working in video processing meet and work together with researchers working in haptic and audio interaction, in hearing science, in education, serious games, and e-learning.

Media Discourse group
The Media Discourse group, chaired by Stuart Price focuses on studying the ‘textual’ evidence of interaction and address, they also include the research interests of those individuals active in the analysis of Mediated communication in general. The group also look at the development of New Media, in particular, those methods that represent a challenge to the ways in which communication forms are both circulated and understood.

Music, Technology and Innovation Research Centre
Music, Technology and Innovation Research Centre (MTIRC) encompasses a broad and continually evolving range of artistic creation and theory focused on innovative application of new technologies to music. It emphasises electroacoustic music and sonic art.

Study with us 

Postgraduate research degree students play a vital role in contributing to the research activities of the faculty and University. We strive to maintain an excellent research environment for our students.

As a student in Technology you will be supported by experienced and dedicated staff whilst being accommodated in a wide range of specialist laboratories and research areas. Across the faculty we have a thriving body of over 300 research degree students associated with our research groups and centres, offering an excellent opportunity to work with other students and staff, whilst also benefiting from a specially managed programme of training.

If you are considering joining us to study for a research degree the best approach is to explore the groups and approach potential supervisors to explore options. By choosing to study for an MPhil or PhD you are joining a community of students who are well supported by not only the university but also leading international scholars with strong commitment to research. 

Doctoral Training Programmes

Our Doctoral Training Programmes (DTPs) support the professional development of all postgraduate research students, regardless of discipline or subject area. Formed in collaboration with two or more faculties across the university, the programmes allow you to take an interdisciplinary approach and develop skills that will help you with your research and enhance your future employability.

Students will have the opportunity to teach on undergraduate or postgraduate courses, and can also take advantage of internship opportunities as part of the programme of study, alongside a dedicated employment service designed to help you find your next career opportunity.

The Leicester Media School has the following Doctoral Training Programme available:

The Institute of Creative Technologies (IOCT) Practice-Based Research Programme

This practice-based research DTP is designed for students who would like to include an artefact or significant documentation of artefacts, performances or events in their PhD submission.

Practice-based PhD research has a long history at DMU, and involves a broad category of research that includes designing or making things or in staging performances or events. The definition of an artefact is very broad, ranging from an object such as a painting or telephone to an abstract entity such as a novel or a computer program or a transient entity such as a performance.

As part of the vibrant creative technologies research community at the Leicester Media School, you will have the opportunity to learn from world leading experts in practice-based research through a tailored seminar series and tutorials designed to meet your needs at different stages of progress in your studies.

Further details can be found on our Doctoral Training Programme pages.






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