Department of Academic Quality

Improving the student experience

At DMU, improving the student experience is the key driver behind our approach to quality assurance and enhancement


Quality management at DMU

De Montfort University (DMU) believes that the assurance and enhancement of quality is best done as close as possible to where the quality really matters – at programme and module level – so that all teaching staff and student representatives have a role in assuring quality. Quality management aligns closely to teaching and learning.

Much of DMU’s quality management activity is managed through key university committees|, and implemented via formal policies, guidance and strategies. The responsibility for quality management extends beyond the university to include DMU’s collaborative partnerships|.

Find out what your responsibilities for quality management| are. The university's approach to academic quality management, it shared values, principles and procedures can be found in the introductory guide to quality management at DMU|.

Via the Department of Academic Quality (DAQ), the university employs a variety of mechanisms and strategies for assuring the quality of academic provision, promoting good practice leading to enhancement, and ultimately improving the quality of the student experience. You can read more about how quality management is undertaken at DMU within this section.

DAQ form part of the Directorate of Student and Academic Services (SAAS), and are committed to conducting their business in an environmentally-friendly| manner.

Department of Academic Quality (DAQ)

The Department of Academic Quality’s role is to:

  • Ensure university adherence to internal and external quality management requirements 
  • Keep colleagues informed of national developments, and raise awareness of these 
  • Direct and develop quality management policies and procedures

Contact the team| for professional guidance in relation to all aspects of quality assurance and enhancement. Faculty colleagues should also contact their faculty Head of Quality| who is responsible for local implementation of central quality policies, or their Head of Studies| who leads on the management of programmes across the faculty along with all local learning and teaching| matters.

Additional information and resources are also available to support you, such as guidance about your role and responsibility for quality management|, including specific information for module leaders| and programme leaders|. There is also a useful reference section which provides acronyms and terminology| relating to higher education both at De Montfort University (DMU) and nationally.


Guidance and forms
Guidance and forms

Access all of the academic quality guidance, policies and strategies along with forms, templates and proformas.

Roles and responsibilities
Roles and responsibilities

Find out what your role and responsibilities are in relation to quality management at DMU.

Contact us
Contact us

Contact the team for professional guidance in relation to all aspects of quality assurance and enhancement.