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Inter-Cultural Mental Health Perspectives National Conference

Devonshire Place, Leicester, London Road
23 (09:00) - 24/05/2018 (17:00)
Danielle Beavon ( or Helen Douds ( )
One in 4 families worldwide is likely to have at least one member experiencing mental ill health or behavioural difficulties. We know that attitude towards mental ill health vary among people from different cultures, ethnic background and countries. Mental ill health is stigmatised in many cultures forcing people to live in denial or preventing them from seeking help when they require it. Culture and ethnicity affects perception of mental ill health, service access and utilisation. Culture influences the presentation and meaning individuals, family members and community members give to mental ill-health experiences and service access.

Where different cultures have divergent meaning systems, what counts as a symptom and what do the symptoms signify? Are the notions derived from some cultures given less value because of racism or cultural arrogance? Are mental health services equipped to deal with the diverse definitions of what constitutes a ‘problem’ and ‘treatment? How universally applicable is Western biomedical disease medicine? Does one size really fit us all? To what extent are psychological therapies such as psychotherapy which promote an individualised notion of the self-applicable across all cultures?

The aim of this conference is to discuss and debate therapeutic practices, culturally appropriate and acceptable services models for diverse cultural and minority ethnic communities in the UK
This conference is for medical, health and social care professionals and service providers, including psychiatrists, psychologists, nurses and social workers and educationalists, service commissioners, service users and carers, academics, policy makers, and third sector organisations.

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For further information please contact: Danielle Beavon ( or Helen Douds ( )

Confirmed speakers:
Professor Rachel Tribe, University of East London (Action Not Words: Refugees, Social Justice and Mental Health)
Professor Nusrat Hussain, University of Manchester (From epidemiology to developing culturally adapted Interventions: Focus on maternal depression)
Dr. Erminia Colucci, Middlesex University (Suicide prevention among immigrant and
refugee populations: A tool for community-based interventions)
Dr Steve Melluish, University of Leicester (Global Mental health - learning from Latin
Dr Gail Coleman-Oluwabuso, University of Sheffield (40 Years in the Wilderness: A
Review of Systemic Barriers to Reducing the Overrepresentation)
Dr. Rashmi Shankar, Berkshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust (Culturally
adapted CBT in clinical psychology practice)
Dr Marion Aichberger, University of Medicine, Berlin (Mental health services for refugee
populations in Germany and implications for the mental health care structure)
Dr. Andrew Beck, East Lancashire Hospitals NHS Trust (Supervision strategies to
enhance outcomes in transcultural therapy)
Daniel Neis/Louise Palmer, Mental Health Service for the Jewish Community
(Transforming the mental health landscape of a faith community)
Dr.Nadzeya Svirydzenka, De Montfort University (Inclusive Identity and multicultural
attitudes as wellbeing factors for emerging adults in the UK)
Professor Raghu Raghavan / Dr Jonathan Coope, De Montfort University (Mental health and
resilience: Learning from migrant communities)
Dr. Shahid Latif, Northamptonshire Health Care NHS Foundation Trust (Cultural beliefs and
mental health)
Farah Lunat, Lancasire Care NHS Foundation Trust (Voices within four walls -
culturally adapted group psychological intervention for postnatal depression in British
South Asian women)
Dr Stephen Handsley, De Montfort University (Faith, mental health and deviance:
possession or illness?)
Naina Patel/ Professor Raghu Raghavan, De Montfort University (Conceptualization of
dementia in multi-ethnic communities)

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