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Migration and Refugees Exhibition

De Montfort University, The Gallery, Vijay Patel Building
18 (09:30) - 21/04/2018 (16:00)
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The exhibition is inspired by #JoinTogether and brings research in migration and refugees across DMU into focus across a series of 30-minute talks.

The talks will be delivered by DMU scholars on the history of migration and refugees and on the current work of students working with refugees. The programme will conclude with a talk by Professor Kenneth Morrison and Kemal Pervanić, human rights activist, former refugee from Bosnia and Herzegovina. This final talk will address Kemal Pervanić's own experience in the Omarska camp, his life as a refugee in the UK and his work as an activist.

Anyone can drop into the exhibition which includes digital displays, such as a documentary film, Pretty Village by Kemal Pervanić, as well as posters on a range of research topics, such as on how students’ political awareness is increased by working with refugees and migrant communities, gay Iranian migrants in the UK, the role of forensic science in identifying missing migrants in the Mediterranean and poems about refugees.

Please see event schedule for more information:


Wednesday 18 April – Saturday 21 April 2018

Professor Ramsay Burt

Digital Display‘Dancing With Strangers’

Lala Meredith-Vula
Digital display: 'Are you everybody?' set to music of Professor John Young showing the aftermath of the Kosova crisis

Professor Kenneth Morrison and Kemal Pervanić

A documentary film Pretty Village and a scale model of the Peace Centre, to view the

architectural project in development

Professor Panikos Panayi

George Kenner Paintings: scenes of internment in Britain during the First world War

(to accompany talk)

Lala Merredith-Vula

Photographs: A selection of A4 analogue photo prints following migrating refugees and returning refugees printed in 2017

Professor Kenneth Morrison

An exhibition of three storyboards focusing on Kemal’s journey from Omarksa to founding Most Mira and building the Peace Centre

Dr Monia Acciari

South Asian film culture and diaspora exhibition

Professor Kenneth Morrison

Image of a war-damaged hotel in Croatia accompanied by a narrative about hotels as spaces of sanctuary for refugees and internally displaced peoples (IDPs)

Dr Huriye Yeroz

Poster: Classified as an Entrepreneur? Immigrant women entrepreneurs’ lived experiences within gender, ethnicity and class relations.

Poster: Syrian Refugee Enterprise in Berlin

Professor Mark Johnston

Sharing DMU’s Expertise across Europe: Working with the European Commission to develop Training for front-line Refugee Reception.

DMU’s contribution to the first international congress on migration, ethnicity, race and health, in Edinburgh in May, highlighting DMU’s contribution to @MERH2018.

Mark Charlton

How students’ political awareness is increased by working with refugee and migrant


Emma Johnston

The role of forensic science in identifying missing migrants in the Mediterranean

Professor Rusi Jaspal

Sexuality, Migration & Identity: Gay Iranian Migrants to the UK

Pat Nimmo

Kushinga Gardens: Refuge and Asylum

Dr Kathleen Bell

Poems on the topic of refugees

Dr Amanda Berlan

Raising the bar: Promoting a better understanding of migration and labour rights in the chocolate supply chain

Boris Paschal Bagonza

Queer Lenses: Lived and embodied experiences of LGBT+ asylum seekers and refugees in UK

Chris Zembe

Zimbabweans in Britain: Imperial and Post-Colonial Legacies




Thursday 19 April 2018

9.30 - 10am

Welcome talk and tour of exhibition

Dr Kate Gerrard, Director of Faculty Operations, Arts, Design and

Humanities and Professor Deborah Cartmell, Associate Dean, Research and

Innovation, Arts, Design and Humanities

10 - 10.30am

Hotels as Spaces of Sanctuary

Professor Kenneth Morrison

10.30 - 11am

Break: Pastries, tea and coffee

11 - 11.30am


The Internment of Germans in Britain during the First World War

Professor Panikos Panayi

11.30 - 12 midday


Refugees from Nazi Germany on Stage in the UK

Dr Mike Huxley

1.30 - 2pm


Creating Public Good: University Students Working with Refugees

Mark Charlton

2 - 3pm


A Refugee’s Journey

Kenneth Morrison andKemal Pervanić:

Kemal Pervanić is a human rights activist, a former refugee from Bosnia and Herzegovina and a survivor of the Omarska concentration/detention camp in Prijedor. After his release from the camp he was given refugee status in the UK (he is now a British citizen). As a committed human rights activist, Kemal has used his experiences positively – his is genuinely a story of war, suffering, exile and then return, to build something tangible that aims to stop future generations making the same mistakes.

Kemal is the author of The Killing Days and is the subject of the

documentary film Pretty Village. In 2008, Kemal formed ‘Most Mira’ (Bridge of Peace) and the organisation has, in the last ten years, worked tirelessly on building peace in local communities through art festivals and other art

programmes involving students, young people, schools from the Prijedor region of Bosnia, as well as volunteers from around the world. He lectured to De Montfort University (DMU) students in 2012 (for Kenneth’s ‘Yugoslavia and Beyond’ course) – a lecture that was very powerful and equally well-received.

As one of the centerpieces of the exhibition, Kenneth and Kemal will create three large storyboards that tell the story of Kemal’s journey – from his

imprisonment in Omarska to the building of the Peace Centre. The

storyboards, the documentary film and scale model will provide a physical

background – and context for Kemal’s talk.  His talk (introduced by

Kenneth Morrison) will address his own experience in the Omarska camp, his life as a refugee in the UK and his return to Bosnia where he formed Most Mira. He will end by discussing the building a Peace Centre with the architect of the building, Verner Causevic (who was himself a refugee from Bosnia who came to the UK at the age of seven)

3 - 3.15pm


Closing Remarks

Professor Nigel Wright, Pro Vice-Chancellor, Research and Professor Alison Honour, Pro Vice-Chancellor Dean, Arts, Design and Humanities

3.15 - 4pm

Reception: Afternoon Tea



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