Professor Stuart Price

Job: Professor of Media and Political Discourse

Faculty: Technology

School/department: Leicester Media School

Research group(s): Media Discourse Group (MDG)

Address: De Montfort University, The Gateway, Leicester, UK, LE1 9BH

T: +44 (0)116 207 8683




Personal profile

Stuart Price is Professor of Media and Political Discourse, Chair of the Media Discourse Group, Co-Editor of the book series ‘Protest, Media and Culture’, and the author of a number of monographs, book chapters and articles on Media, Communication and Politics. He is also programme leader for the MA course Global Media.

With Dr. Ruth Sanz Sabido (Canterbury Christ Church) he edited a recent collection called ‘Contemporary Protest and the Legacy of Dissent’ (2015) and is now (again with Dr. Sabido), working on the book ‘Sites of Protest’ and two Special Journal Issues on, respectively, Discourse and Protest, and the Spanish Civil War.

His current PhD supervision stands at nine students (7.0% FTE), including six as First and three as Second Supervisor or Advisor. Besides an analysis of the strategic uses of security events (which appeared in 2011’s ‘Worst-Case Scenario’), Stuart’s research interests include the role of journalists in the dissemination of meaning, conceptions of the state in Hollywood film, masculinity and film, news discourses and the ‘war on terror’, and the ideological orientation of participants in the Spanish Civil War.

Other published work includes two monographs: ‘Brute Reality’, a study of Mediation and War (Pluto Press, 2010), and ‘Discourse Power Address’, a study of ideology and public rhetoric (Ashgate, 2007). ‘Popular Media and Communication’, a collection of papers edited with Professor Karen Ross of Northumbria University, appeared in 2008.

Stuart’s other publications include Communication Studies (1996), the A-Z Media and Communication Handbook (1997) and the first comprehensive student textbook in the field, Media Studies (1993/98).

Stuart is Chair of the Media Discourse Group, and a member of the Centre for Adaptation Studies (De Montfort University), the Political Studies Association (, the Meccsa Social Movements Network (, and the Media Communication and Cultural Studies Association ( He teaches Media Discourse (Events), Advertising and Consumption, and contributes to postgraduate Journalism modules.

Research group affiliations

Media Discourse Group, Media Group of the Political Studies Association, the Meccsa Social Movements Network, and the Media and Communication and Cultural Studies Network.  

Publications and outputs 

. Contemporary Protest and the Legacy of Dissent Price, S. and Sanz Sabido, R. (2015) Contemporary Protest and the Legacy of Dissent. London: Rowman and Littlefield


. Price, S (2015) ‘The Legacy of Dissent: Class, Gender and Austerity’, in Price, S and Sanz Sabido, R, editors Contemporary Protest and the

Legacy of Dissent London: Rowman and Littlefield

Price, S (2015) ‘Calls to Order: ‘Anarchy’, Riots and State Repression’, in Price, S and Sanz Sabido, R, editors Contemporary Protest and the

Legacy of Dissent London: Rowman and Littlefield


Click here for a full listing of Stuart Price's publications and outputs.

Key research outputs

Price, S (2011) Worst-Case Scenario? Governance, mediation and the security regime London: Zed Books, 287pp 

Price, S (2010) Brute Reality: power, discourse and the mediation of war London: Pluto Press, 223pp 

Price, S (2007) Discourse Power Address: the politics of public communication Aldershot, Burlington: Ashgate, 249pp [RAE 2008]

Research interests/expertise

  • Critical Security Studies
  • Critical Discourse Analysis
  • Political Communication
  • Theories of the ‘Event’
  • Conceptualisations of Public Order
  • ‘War on Terror’
  • Memory, War and Narrative

Areas of teaching

  • Media Discourse: Events
  • Advertising and Consumption
  • Gender and Cinema
  • Language and Power


University of Exeter 
PhD in Discourse & Address in Mediated Texts (passed with no corrections)

University of London Institute of Education: 
MA in Film & Television Studies   

Avery Hill College, London: 
PGCE in English, Drama & Social Education     

Liverpool University: 
MA in Victorian Literature & Society

University College Swansea: 
BA (Hons) English Literature - 2/1

Courses taught

Media and Communication BA (Hons)

  • Media Discourse: Events
  • Media, Gender and Identity
  • Advertising and Consumption

Honours and awards

  • Writing Fellowship, 2006, De Montfort University
  • Faculty Research Leave, 2009, De Montfort University
  • University Research Leave, 2012

Membership of external committees

Member of Academic Board, 2007-2010


Membership of professional associations and societies

  • Chair of Media Discourse Group, De Montfort University (2008 – present)
  • Member of the Meccsa Social Movements Network
  • Member of the Media, Communication and Cultural Studies Association (2000 – present)
  • Member of the Media Group, Political Studies Association (2004 – present)

Professional licences and certificates

PGCE in English, Drama and Social Education


Forthcoming events

‘Violence, Knowledge and Repetition’, Cultural Exchanges 2015

‘Global Media and Culture’, symposium, April 20th 2015

Conference attendance


January Paper – ‘The Legacy of Dissent: Class, Gender and Austerity’, Meccsa, Newcastle


March ‘Memory and Ideology in the Spanish Civil War’, with Dr. Ruth Sanz Sabido, Professor David Deacon, and Mr. Lee Solomon

March ‘Anti-Fascism on Film’, Conference


June   Paper - ‘Democracy and the Dictatorship of the Markets: public protest, iconic space and online mobilisation in the UK and Spain’, Protest and the Media, Westminster University

June            Paper - ‘Truth-Claims in A Story-World: gendered identity and

modes of address in UK ‘lifeworld’ commercials’ Console-ing Passions, De Montfort University

June            Keynote Lecture - ‘Presenting Your Research to an Audience’,

Research Student Conference, ADH and Technology, De Montfort

May            Invited Keynote Lecture - ‘Worst-Case Scenario? Security

planning, ‘contingency’ and the state’, Coventry University

April           ‘Governance, the Scenario, and Public (In) Security’, Faculty

of Letters, University of Lisbon

April  ‘Spartans! What is Your Profession?’, Adaptations Conference, Sunderland University

March         Lecture series - ‘Public Protest in Europe’, San Pablo CEU,


February     Professorial Lecture - ‘ENOUGH! Calling Time on Corporate Fantasies’, De Montfort University Cultural Exchanges

February     Paper - ‘Sanctions, Attitudes and Modes of Address’, Dickens

Conference, Adaptation Studies, De Montfort

January       Open Lecture - International Event: De Montfort ADH

January       Paper - ‘These Fascists Came from Outside’: University of Ulster, Meccsa


June ‘A Visit from Mr. Clegg’, Media Discourse Group, DMU

April ‘England’s Anarchic August Revisited’, Leicester Secular Society

March ‘The Realities of Power’, Public lecture, States of Independence

March Public lecture - ‘Danger: Hierarchy at Work’, De Montfort

January ‘Calls to Order’: Meccsa National Conference, Luton


December Invited Paper - ‘The Pretext of Command’, Leicester Media Discourse Group, Leicester University

September ‘Gendered Identity and the death of bin Laden’, 10th Anniversary of Meccsa Women’s Network, De Montfort

July Paper - ‘Discursive vs. Visual Evidence’, British Sociological Association, Leicester

July Paper – ‘Command and Utterance’, Media and Communication  Research   Seminar, De Montfort

January Paper - ‘Events, Non-events, and the manipulation of contingency’, Meccsa, University of Salford


October Paper - ‘9/11 as an Event’, Westminster University

May Paper - ‘Wisdom after the Event: the temporal/spatial location of Election 2010’, Media Discourse Group, DMU

April Invited Talk - on Brute Reality, Eccles Centre, British Library

March Invited Paper - ‘The Scenario’, Loughborough University.

January Paper - ‘Disordered States: ‘mediated surveillance’ and public dissent’, Meccsa, LSE 


November Paper - ‘Myths of Sacrifice: 300, Sparta and the Cult of Democracy’, Cult Adaptations, De Montfort University 

July Invited Lecture - ‘Worst-Case Scenario’ for BFI, London

April Paper - ‘The Audacity of Rhetoric’, BAAS, Nottingham 

April Paper - ‘Mediating ‘Terror’ ’, PSA, Manchester

March Paper - ‘Spectacle or Speech Event: the Delphic Oracle and 300’, De Montfort Centre for Adaptation Studies, Leicester De Montfort University, Leicester

March Paper - ‘Gods, Daimons, Eidola’, De Montfort Centre for Adaptation Studies, Leicester

February Paper - ‘The Mediation of ‘Terror’, ESRC, Leicester

January Paper - ‘The Theatre of War’, Meccsa, Bradford 


September Paper - ‘Rhetorical Masculinity’, Adaptations, Amsterdam

June Paper - ‘Displacing the Gods?’, Adaptations, Cardiff

June Paper - ‘A Genuine Piece of Theatre: Harry’s Helmland Adventure’ Media Research Group, DMU

April Paper - ‘Economics of Utterance: mediated rhetoric and ‘sign-value’ in the ‘war on terror’, PSA, Swansea 

January Paper - ‘Economic Categories and the War on Terror’, for Meccsa, University of Cardiff 

Other forms of public presentation

Performances, broadcasts, exhibitions, etc

Cultural Exchanges festival

February 2015 Public lecture – ‘Violence, Knowledge and Repetititon’

March 2011 Public lecture - ‘Micro-Ideology’, De Montfort University

March 2012 Public lecture - ‘Worst-Case Scenario’, De Montfort University March 2009 Public lecture - ‘Stockwell: the overproduction of force’ February 2008 Public lecture - ‘TERROR CAPITAL T: capital lower case c’

Current research students

    • PhD Supervision: Dr Sheila Cameron, as 1st Supervisor, passed 2008
    • PhD Supervision: Dr Ruth Sanz Sabido, as 1st Supervisor, passed 2013 without corrections
    • PhD Supervision: Cassian Vian, as 1st Supervisor, passed 2014 
    • PhD Supervision: Zoe Armour, as 1st Supervisor, enrolled 2013
    • PhD Supervision: Abimbola Adiniyi, as 1st Supervisor, enrolled 2013
    • PhD Supervision: Ganiyat Adenle, as Advisor, enrolled 2013
    • PhD Supervision: Stephen Vallance, as Advisor, 1st Supervisor, enrolled July 2014
    • PhD Supervision: Khadijah Aroyewun-Adekomaiya, as 1st Supervisor, enrolled October 2013
    • PhD Supervision: Fernanda Amaral, as 1st Supervisor, enrolled October 2014
    • PhD Supervision: Ahmed Bahiya, as 2nd Supervisor, enrolled January 2015
    • PhD Supervision: Cassandra Brummitt, as 2nd Supervisor, enrolled January 2015

    MA Supervision: Laura Toader, Merit 2012

    MA Supervision: Mark Nenadic, Merit 2011

    MA Supervision: Lauren Miller, Merit 2010 

    MA Supervision: Lauren Robinson, Distinction 2009

    MA Supervision: Ruth Sanz Sabido, Distinction 2008

Internally funded research project information

  • Research Award 2015 ‘Multi-modal Analysis’ DTP (£2,500)
  • Revolving Investment Fund, ‘Election 2010’, De Montfort University, 2010 (£5,500)
  • Research Award, 2009, De Montfort University (£1600)
  • Research Award (RIT) 2007, DVD on academic concepts (£3000)

Professional esteem indicators

ESRC Reviewer for Research project, 2015

Reviewer for Specialist Journal, 2013

Reviewer for SAGE publications, 2011


Case studies

IMPACT: The Grand Challenges of Modern Research, RCUK (Subdivision, Global Uncertainties)

This case study has emerged from the Media Discourse Group’s contribution to the Grand Challenges of Modern Research, RCUK (subdivision, Global Uncertainties). It consists of the impact of a body of research on Mediation, War and Security, largely produced by Stuart Price (joined DMU in August 1999). The study, which began with a Cultural Exchanges public lecture (‘The Symbolic Annihilation of America?’ 14/11/2001), has now encompassed the production of two books (2010 and 2011), numerous articles, book chapters, an international conference, newspaper opinion columns, radio talks and appearances at public events, and has been characterised throughout by its close engagement with constituencies that lie beyond the confines of the academy. Those who have benefited from an increased appreciation of the issues surrounding public security and the ‘war on terror’ include journalists, policy-makers, public officials and activists.

IMPACT of textbooks and pedagogical material

My profile as a leading theorist and pedagogical leader within the field of Media and Communication Studies was initially established through the publication of the first comprehensive academic text to appear in the international marketplace - the textbook Media Studies (Longman, 1993/1998, 515pp). This innovative work, which helped to consolidate a novel and disparate field, was described in one journal as ‘an excellent book’ in which ‘the giant web of communication can be seen in its entirety’ (Media Education Journal, 1993).
My second textbook, Communication Studies (Longman, 1996, 577pp) was reviewed in the Times Educational Supplement as a ‘survey that brings a welcome solidity to a subject occasionally lacking in it’ (TES, 1996), and by another reviewer as ‘clearly written and comprehensive ... an extremely interesting and helpful resource which is a real addition to the literature on the subject’ (General Educator, 1996). Communication Studies became a set text in many British and North American universities, and gained wide attention and international impact. According to Google Scholar, it has been cited some 30 times and has been mentioned in the work of over a dozen academics of many nationalities: British, Irish, American, Japanese and Portuguese authors and educators were particularly responsive.
Stuart Price

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