Drama Studies BA (Hons) (Single and Joint Honours) year one modules

The Drama Studies BA (Hons)| modules listed below are just to give you a flavour of what is available in your first year and are subject to change.

Single Honours only

A Contextual Introduction to Performance 
This lecture and seminar-based module invites students to engage with a range of 20th century and contemporary performance practices in a manner that is informed by both historical and theoretical contexts. Students will critically consider the creation, viewing and documentation of avant-garde performance and performer training, and will explore the different relationships, power structures and dynamics, which are embedded in these processes. Students will also have the opportunity of developing a practical understanding of these avant-garde practices in ‘Making Performance’. Moreover, by tracing the evolution of and influences upon avant-garde performance practice, the module is designed to enable students to make connections with material encountered on ‘Acting, Directing, Scripting’.

Making Performance
This studio-based module is designed to introduce students to a range of performance making practices, with a view to developing their skills as emerging practitioners. The module works closely with ‘A Contextual Introduction to Performance’ to offer a practical exploration of the ground-breaking experiments to have redefined performance. In the first term, students will look at the rebellious movements of the twentieth century avant-garde. In the second term students will explore contemporary performance, which may include: Devised Theatre, Live Art, The Theater of Images, and Immersive/Participatory forms of performance. As such, students will be introduced to a range of performance methodologies, with particular emphasis given to the dramatic elements of staging/spatial design, image/ composition, time, text, performer, and audience. A feature of this module is its engagement with performance technologies. To this end, students are introduced to the principles and skills of lighting, sound, film, projection, and web-based technologies.

Single and Joint Honours

Acting, Directing, Scripting
This studio-based module is designed to introduce students to a range of performance and writing skills and to develop their abilities in both creating and reflecting on practice, alongside an exploration of key theoretical concepts and concerns. Sessions are designed to explore theory through practice and cover the following (overlapping) topics:  Play/playing (games; ritual; performing); performing (acting/non-acting/ representation); meaning and representation (objects, bodies, spaces and words).

Texts and Stages
This lecture and seminar-based module introduces students to the study of drama in historical and cultural contexts. Over the year students will study a range of texts from four distinct periods and places: 5th century Greece, Renaissance England, 20th century Britain and Ireland and post-1945 America. The module will develop students’ awareness of the relationship between drama and the social conditions of its time, paying particular attention to performance practices and audience as well as encouraging a close reading of texts. It will also lead students to make informed comparisons and contrasts between genres, performance practices and dramatic theories from different times and places. 

The Three Lives of Lucie Cabrol performanceThe Three Lives of Lucie Cabrol performance

Drama Studies Single and Joint Honours Year 1 2012-13 Reading Lists|

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